On February 29, 2020, the presentation of AdPlanner.io was held , which we have been developing over the past 5 months.

AdPlanner is a service for planning and optimizing advertising campaigns for Yandex.Direct. It collects information from your account (after you provide access to it), processes it and provides various analysis tools:

  • recommendations — analyzes all advertising campaigns in your account and tells you how to make them more effective;
  • notifications — automatically notifies Telegram about the status of your key indicators and all changes in the statistics of advertising campaigns;
  • visualization — provides statistics in the form of diagrams that are not in the Report Wizard, and allows you to look at the data from a different angle.

In addition, AdPlanner has added data import from Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics. It supports multi-account. You can link several Yandex.Direct accounts to your account and then create the Nth number of links to transfer data on expenses, impressions, clicks on advertising campaigns from Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics. This is especially useful when you want to analyze key business indicators, such as: CPA, ROMI, DDR, LTV advertising campaigns from Yandex.Direct and other sources in a single Google Analytics interface.